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Photo Assistant

Dustin   Keirns Member since:  28-Apr-2011
Queens  NY  United States Last updated: 25-Apr-2012
Years experience: 3 Years
  Phone #1: (970)581-1558
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Languages: English, French, some Turkish

Passport: Yes    Drivers Licence: Yes
Drive Standard: Yes    Car/Van: No
It is my objective to find freelance photo assistant jobs in and around NYC. I enjoy being part of a creative team to make beautiful and stunning work. I am reliable, easy to get along with, and hard working. I have a BFA degree from the School of Visual Arts and also spent time studying at Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne in Switzerland. I teach traditional color printing to first year photo students and recently was awarded a darkroom fellowship from the Camera Club of New York. I enjoy traveling and photographing for my personal work while I'm abroad. Most recently I visited Turkey.

I'm interested in working on the following types of shoots:

Fine Art
Still Life

Skills Equipment

Digital Photo & Video
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