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Photo Assistant

logan   barrier Member since:  27-Mar-2012
san francisco  CA  United States Last updated: 27-Mar-2012
Years experience: 5 Years
Also available in these cities:
bay area
  Phone #1: 9316268925
  Phone #2: 9316268925
  Cell Phone: 9316268925
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Passport: Yes    Drivers Licence: Yes
Drive Standard: Yes    Car/Van: Yes
My name is logan barrier and if you are looking for a great assistant in the bay area then look no further because I am your man and I would love to meet you and see if we would be a good working team. I hold a BFA and a MFA in photography and have been running my own freelance photography business for the past 4 years. In my 15 years experience with my camera I have retouched everything from faces and clothes to cars and landscapes. I have spent extensive time in the dark room/digital dark room, have been exposed (pun intended) to color theory through the use of lens filters/lighting gels and film types and now white balancing, I have shot with everything from a point and shoot to a 8x10, I can light anything from a car in the studio to a beautiful model in the snow, I am familiar with high end scanning and prepress production/ color management and I have been using photoshop since it's 5th installment and I'm now using CS5 and love it. Basically I dream in CMYK about dropping pen tool anchor points at night and I think keyboard shortcuts are sexy. To top it all off I'm a pretty cool guy with a strong work ethic and an intense drive for completion and give a 100% to the task at hand. I believe in open, honest and candid communication and truly think that this philosophy is the quickest way to efficiency.

I'm interested in working on the following types of shoots:


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