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John   Victor Member since:  27-Aug-2013
Tampa  FL  United States Last updated: 20-Sep-2017
Years experience: 5 Years
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  Phone #1: 727-204-8911
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After being laid off from a comfortable ad agency position, I decided to make the jump back into the production work I started years ago. With a foundation in photography I charged ahead, however technology changed, and with it the landscape of the industry. The speed at which new technology was emerging was overwhelming and the intimidation of the learning curve paralyzed me.

I was a late adopter, but as my process revealed itself I became more involved, and I realized the technology presented new opportunities if you’re willing to adapt, stay flexible, and keep your skill set versatile. Fast forward to today, I am working as a digital media tech and camera/photo assistant for stills and motion-based projects. I bring years of cumulative skills from successfully working on both sides of the process: technical and creative.

I have been recognized for excellent attention to detail, and providing efficient solutions while consistently demonstrating proven success in this deadline-driven industry. Continually working to strengthen my skill set, I am someone that considers my work more lifestyle than career.

If you have an upcoming shoot you need help with, please contact me with your dates and specific needs.

I'm interested in working on the following types of shoots:

Still Life/Food

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